Rear Camber Kit

Whiteline Commodore Vs Vt VX Vy Vz. Rear Irs Adjustable Camber Kit. W63366

Whiteline Commodore Vs Vt VX Vy Vz. Rear Irs Adjustable Camber Kit. W63366

Whiteline Commodore Vs Vt VX Vy Vz. Rear Irs Adjustable Camber Kit. W63366

This sale is for a Whiteline Rear Adjustable Camber kit for the following vehicles.. Holden Commodore VP VR VS VT VX VY and VZ Sedans Wagons and Utes.. When fitted with Rear Independent Suspension.. This is a 4 position adjustable kit.

Does all 4 rear pivots.. Later VY and VZ models.. Some models have adjustable pivots already fitted to the inner pivots. These only need a 2 pivot kit. W63366 Equivelant to Superpro SPF0877K Here is a link to the Whiteline website.

With more details and fitting instructions. THE ROAD TO WHITELINE PLUS. Traditionally, polyurethane bushings and mounts were made from very hard urethane compounds exceeding 100 on the durometer scale; where rubber was much softer and measured less than 58 on the durometer scale. The main reason for the extreme hardness was the use of low grade polyurethanes. In order to achieve abrasion resistance, tearing and compression set, the polyurethane needed to be very hard.

The second reason for this hardness was how the component was designed and manufactured. While high performance polyurethanes were available they were both very expensive and required complex machinery in order to process, mix and cast the component. After extensive development and testing of materials that would offer strength and durability, geometry retention and memory without the harshness, WHITELINE created a progressive, long-chain polymer compound incorporating polyurethane constituents, which deliver the combined physical advantages of a solid bushing, with the extreme flexibility characteristics of rubber. That range of product is known as WHITELINE PLUS and delivers LOW SPEED RIDE QUALITY, HIGH SPEED CHASSIS CONTROL. Whiteline Plus polyurethanes provide the softness needed for low vibration, noise and harshness characteristics, while displaying extreme abrasion, tear and cut resistance, and near-zero compression set at lower durometer reading of 70-80. In addition, these performance polyurethanes allowed the polymer chains to be bonded directly to the metal shell, which provided a method of flow control giving the bushing the characteristics of soft ride while on smooth roads, and when under cornering pressure caused the bushing to become firmer for improved suspension performance. WHITELINE has engineered a wide range of products to cover the common passenger, commercial and 4x4 markets and will continue to grow the range to service new models and escalating demand. WHITELINE PLUS has been developed with a NO COMPROMISE objective. SERVICING It provides the reliability, durability, added safety and ride quality characteristics for everyday vehicles and servicing. RESTORATION The neutral (black) appearance for restorers and racers.

PROGRESSIVE BLACK POLYURETHANE BUSHINGS - FEATURES AND BENEFITS. Key Benefits of WHITELINE PLUS polyurethane bushings. The quality of ride of rubber, with the performance of solid links.

Resistant to chemicals, oils and weathering. Increased braking capacities and positive brake pedal feel. Wheel alignment rectification and optimization using offset and adjustable bushings and arms.

Key Feature of WHITELINE PLUS polyurethane bushings. As a result of extensive domestic and export research, we identified that primary coloured bushings had a mixed reception, especially in motorsport and restoration markets. As a result range is made black, but not your standard mat black. A WHITELINE PLUS bushing appears black in your hand but hold it to the light to witness its translucent feature. Progressive No compromise The ride of rubber at low speed, chassis control of poly at high speeds Compliance Chassis Control Positive steering feel and increased braking capacities Black Neutral Appearance Less offensive than primary colours ie, red, yellow Translucency Modern Appeal Differentiation to rubber and other black poly alternatives Durability Longer lasting than rubber Reliability, longer servicing life WHITELINE PLUS Spring Eye and Shackle Bushings.

Induce free pivot in spring length changes under bump and droop loading. Eliminate pitching (rocking horse ride) in short wheel based 4WDs. Permit camber and spring length change ultimately reducing axle tramp.

WHITELINE PLUS Shock Absorber Bushings. Eliminate low speed valving lag, including the use of heavy duty hydraulic and gas shocks. Enhance the performance of both new and used shock absorbers. Have superior density and linear flow properties, radically enhancing capacity to cope with bump and rebound travel. WHITELINE PLUS Steering Rack Bushings.

Exude characteristics that are chemically resistant to oils, coolants and solvents. Enhances the stability of the steering rack. WHITELINE PLUS Sway Bar Bushings. Increase bar rates by 10-20%. Reduce lag in the suspension as the bar moves. Pivot at both mounting points, utilising entire bar length. WHITELINE PLUS Trailing Arm Bushings. Permit optimum pinion angle changes eliminating differential, tailshaft and/or gearbox failure. Eliminate take off and driveline shudder under heavy loads. WHITELINE PLUS Radius Rod/ Caster bar Bushings.

Achieve more positive caster from shim, eccentric, offset and turnbuckle adjustable bushings and arms. WHITELINE PLUS Control Arm Bushings. Provide a better steering feel and vehicle stability.

Rectify wheel alignment settings with shim, eccentric, offset and turnbuckle adjustable bushings and arms. All would agree that the time & stress to remove & replace bushings and ball joints to suspension arms is possibly not worth it.

Making up press tools & damaging arms are just two of the problems one can endure. Research proves by purchasing complete arms you can reduce the time taken to do the job by up to 70% which means less stress for the DIY repairer and greater job turnover and profit for fitters/workshops. CAMBER & CASTER BUSH KITS. WHITELINE offers a range of offset, eccentric adjustable & shim adjustable bush kits to rectify or optimise wheel alignment settings.

WHITELINEs eccentric adjustable licensed design allows wheel aligners to dial in incremental wheel alignment settings with simple hand tools. WHITELINEs shim adjustable kits also provide incremental changes based on shim thickness and the amount of shims used. Having trouble trying to find a product for your vehicle?

Whiteline plus offers a range of sway bar, shock absorber and spring pad bushings in various shapes and sizes to get you out of trouble. Also available is a our user friendly BUSH TYPE AND SIZE REGISTER, which segments the entire bushing range into different types, based on shape, and then sorts on size from smallest to largest. This is a great tool for those having difficulty finding any aftermarket bushings for their vehicle. FIRSTLY - Please note we use normal EMAILS for all our correspondence. To keep you informed along the way. But are usually there before you can track it anyway. If you have a problem or are not sure about something, GIVE US A RING! All our contact details are at the bottom of this page. Express post is an option with every parcel.. You just need to cover the cost. Once we drop it at the Post Office.. It is up to Austpost.. Or send it via Timbuctoo or you dont pick it up from the Post Office etc etc.. You have bought this knowing it will be delivered by them..

So dont put the blame on us if it goes sideways.. Which seems to be the way of everyone these days.. But if something does happen.. We will do everything we can to help. Your choice to use Austpost with all of the drama that that entails.

We use TNT from time to time mainly for heavy parcels.. If you need it in a hurry or want to check anything. We have been trading for over 30 Years , and only sell products of the best quality that we would and do use ourselves. All of our products are sourced from Australia`s leading Auto Parts Wholesalers. What is the quality like..

A note regarding pictures and descriptions on all our sales. All our contact details are below.. We are in Nutfield Victoria..

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  • Brand: Whiteline
  • Manufacturer Part Number: W63366
  • UPC: 9319924379583
  • Manufacturer: Whiteline

Whiteline Commodore Vs Vt VX Vy Vz. Rear Irs Adjustable Camber Kit. W63366